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Heat Pump - FAQ

Why should I be thinking of heating my pool with a heat pump?

A heat pump allows you to heat your pool or spa economically. Depending on energy costs, an AquaCal heat pump can save you up to 80% over propane gas, 50% to 70% over natural gas, and over 600% against electrical resistance heaters found on most spas. This is the reason why thousands of customers choose a heat pump to heat their pool, rather than alternative types of heaters. If you plan on heating your pool, a heat pump makes the most sense, and the most economical heat pumps feature SCROLL compressors. AquaCal's HeatWave heat pumps were the first heat pumps to feature SCROLL compressors as their standard compressor.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump simply moves heat from the air and transfers it to the pool/spa water. A heat pump uses a refrigeration cycle exactly like your refrigerator or air conditioner uses. A proven safe, economical and very trouble-free system. Check out Heat Pump 101 for more info.

What is a pool heating audit?

A pool heating audit is a computerized report that your dealer can obtain for you. It will analyze your pool and advise you as to the optimum heat pump to use. Based on the weather data available for your local city, or the nearest city to you, the report will give you the approximate monthly cost of heating your pool with an AquaCal heat pump and also the cost of using fossil fuel heaters. Ask us for this free heating audit

How long will it take to heat my pool?.

The initial start-up heating time will differ, depending on the size of the pool and the air temperature at the time that you are trying to heat your pool; other considerations affect the time also, but these are not as important. However, once your pool reaches the temperature you desire, the run time can be as little as only a few hours per day.

Is the refrigerant used in heat pumps ecologically safe?

YES! The United Nations Environmental Protection Agency has approved the type of refrigerant used in AquaCal's heat pumps, R22, until the year 2030.

Why should I select a HeatWave SCROLL heat pump?

SCROLL compressors are the most efficient and reliable compressors on the market today! Most major heating and air conditioning manufacturers have been using SCROLL compressors for several years now. AquaCal was the first pool heat pump manufacturer to feature SCROLL compressors as standard on their HeatWave heat pump line. SCROLL compressors are 20% to 25% more efficient than conventional reciprocating compressors and 50% to 60% quieter, too! The HeatWave line also features a 10-year warranty-the best warranty in the industry!

What is a pool blanket and why should I use one?

A pool blanket, or solar blanket, is a plastic bubble material that floats on the surface of your pool/spa. It provides a very effective insulation, similar to the insulation in your attic, to keep the heat in your pool or spa. A pool blanket can reduce your heating costs by as much as 60%, even if you use a heat pump. Our pool heating audit compares for you the cost of heating your pool with and without a pool blanket.

Is a pool blanket necessary if I use a heat pump to heat my pool?

No, you do not need to install a blanket on your pool if you use a heat pump. However, if you choose not to use a pool blanket, your pool may require a larger heat pump. Your heating bills will also be lower with a pool blanket.


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