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Heat Pump Planned Maintenance

Just as you would have yearly service performed on your air conditioning system, regular inspection & maintenance of your heat pump will ensure highest operating efficiencies while also protecting your investment... Potentially extending the useful life of your heat pump far beyond the warranty period. Our expertly trained factory service technicians offer comprehensive maintenance procedures that will insure your heat pump operates efficiently and reliably when you need it to.

The 20 Point Planned Service:

Check Water Flow

Clean Evaporator Coil

Check Relay Contacts

Check Capacitor Values

Check Refrigerant Levels

Clean Heat Pump Cabinet

Check Fan Blade Clearances

Check Flow/Pressure Switch

Check Electrical Connections

Check Proper Voltage to unit

Oil Fan Motor (As Applicable)

Check Fan Motor Amperage Draw

Check Pool & Spa Water Chemistry

Check & Clean Condensate Drains

Check Compressor Amperage Draw

Check Water Pump Amperage Draw

Acid Wash Source Coil (As Applicable)

Check Air Temperature Change through Evaporator

Check Operating Controls and Temperature Sensors

Check Water Temperature Change through Condenser


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