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How does Heliocol heat my pool?

The Heliocol system uses the sun's energy to heat your pool. The sun's heat is transferred into your pool by circulating pool water through the patented Heliocol solar panel. In most cases, the pool's existing pump is used to circulate the pool water through the Heliocol panels. The water is continually circulated through the solar panels until the pool has attained the desired temperature.

How does Heliocol save me money?

Owning a Heliocol system means drastically reducing or even eliminating expensive pool heating utility bills. Year after year, the savings continue while you extend your swimming season. Heliocol solar pool heating is the most economical way to heat your pool. Zero operating costs, virtually no maintenance and the longest and most comprehensive warranty ensures the savings will continue for decades to come.

When can I use my Heliocol system?

Heliocol solar heating systems are designed to heat your swimming pool using free heat from the sun. The Heliocol system should be in operation during the daytime when solar radiation can be absorbed. A Heliocol system equipped with an automatic controller turns on and off effortlessly whenever there is sufficient solar energy.

In some regions, the use of a Heliocol solar heating system can lengthen your swim season to 12 months, while in other regions, Heliocol can drastically extend your swim season. Regardless of geographic region, you will enjoy months of additional fun in the pool without the added expenses associated with other fossil fuel heaters.

Is there any maintenance involved with Heliocol solar heating systems?

A properly installed Heliocol solar heating system should require very little, or no, maintenance. Check your Heliocol solar heating system for proper operation at the beginning of each swimming season, particularly if it has an automatic controller.

Does Heliocol work in all climates?

Heliocol systems are currently heating pools in all weather conditions around the world. Heliocol systems provide year-round pool heating in warm climates and extend the swimming season in colder climates. The patented individual tube design and mounting hardware can sustain 180 mph winds and are guaranteed with the most comprehensive warranty of any heater available.

Does Heliocol work when it is cloudy outside?

As long as it is daytime, the Heliocol system absorbs solar radiation. Any solar radiation absorbed by the Heliocol system is then transferred into the pool water. Therefore, even in cloudy conditions, the Heliocol system will heat your pool. It is important to note that increasing the number of solar panels in your system will help absorb more heat. As with any heater, using a pool blanket is advisable, as it will reduce heat loss.

Does my pool pump need to be on?

Yes, the Heliocol system works by circulating water through the solar panels using your existing pool pump. Therefore, your pump must be in operation for sufficient water to flow through the solar panels.

Can Heliocol be used with my existing pool heater?

Some of our Heliocol customers choose to use their Heliocol solar heating system in conjunction with an existing pool heater. The Heliocol solar heating system is designed to serve as the primary heat source for your pool water, while your existing pool heater serves as an auxiliary, or backup, heater. By using a Heliocol solar heating system as your primary heat source, you can lengthen the life of your existing pool heater while minimizing the utility bills associated with heating your pool.

What happens if the pool water is too warm?

An automatic controller allows you to set your desired pool temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, your Heliocol system will automatically turn off to maintain the desired temperature.

Where is the Heliocol solar pool heating system installed?

Heliocol solar collectors can be mounted on roofs or any area near the pool that provides the proper exposure, orientation and tilt toward the sun. Ideally, Heliocol solar collectors should face south. However, an orientation up to 45 degrees east or west of due south will not significantly decrease performance as long as shading is avoided. Heliocol systems can also be installed on the ground or on racks.

Will a roof-mounted system harm my roof?

Heliocol's individual tube design eliminates competitorsí cumbersome and unattractive straps, which can damage roof surfaces. Instead, Heliocol's solar collectors are affixed with the patented Alligator Clamp, which minimizes or eliminates roof penetrations.

How big of a collector do I need?

The area needed for Heliocol solar collectors to heat your pool depends on many factors. Depending on the pool's geographic location, roof orientation, pool configuration and your heating requirements, the surface area of a Heliocol solar heating system can range from 50% to 120% of the pool's surface area.

How is Heliocol different from a solar pool blanket?

The greatest loss of heat from a pool occurs from its surface due to evaporation. By reducing this evaporation loss, solar pool covers or blankets are very effective in lengthening the swimming season. However, it is important to note that there is a key difference between Heliocol solar heating systems and solar pool blankets. A Heliocol heating system adds heat to your pool while a pool blanket helps to maintain the heat that already exists in the pool water. When used together, your pool water can be heated and maintained at your desired temperatures most efficiently.

What does the Heliocol warranty cover?

Heliocol is the only solar collector manufacturer that grants a full 12 Year Parts and Labor Warranty (10 years outside the USA) on all of its manufacturer components. Heliocol guarantees that all Heliocol solar collectors and components will be free from defect in materials and workmanship in the manufacturing process under normal use and service. During that time, should a Heliocol solar collector or component exhibit a manufacturing defect, Heliocol will repair or replace the part without charge for parts or labor to the customer. Heliocol solar collectors are also warranted against internal freezing, so long as they have been installed according to Heliocol's installation guide.


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